Review: Squarepegtoys Blunt™ Plug

Review: Squarepegtoys Blunt™ Plug
Super soft, high-quality butt plug. Fantastic way to warm up for pegging or other anal fun.


  • Insertable length: 3.7”
  • Maximum diameter: 1.56”
  • Neck diameter: 1.24″
  • Material: 100% platinum silicone


This plug changed my (anal) sex life! Sound too grandiose? It’s true. My wife and I tried pegging for the first time a year or so ago. It’s fantasy I’ve had for a while and I was excited to give it a go. While the initial experience was good, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of stretching and foreplay required to comfortably fit the strap-on (noob here!). I came across this article mentioning “foreplay banking”, recommending the SquarePegToys Blunt™ Plug as a great way to stretch beforehand. And were they right!

The SquarePegToys Blunt™ Plug is an insanely soft toy butt plug with a rather fat neck compared to the bulb. It looks and feels amazing and leaves your rectum nicely stretched, preparing for the real fun later. I purchased the S2 which is among the smaller of their range with a maximum diameter of 1.56″ and length of 3.7″

My Experience

Using plenty of water-based lube, it smoothly glides in and stays put, much easier than other anal toys I’ve tried! Once in, it feels so soft and comfortable that you soon forget it’s even there.

While I specifically bought this for pre-pegging stretching, it’s quickly turned into one of my favorite butt toys. I’ve worn it while having sex and the size felt absolutely amazing during orgasm. I was initially worried that it might fall out due to the girth of the neck. Luckily, it stayed even through some intense thrusting.

Longevity and Repeat Use

The silicone used for the Blunt™ Plug is one of the softest I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching. It feels luxurious and long-lasting. I’ve washed it in the dishwasher (sanitize cycle) several times and it’s always come out looking like new.

This is a core piece of my toybox and will likely get a lot of use to prepare for pegging or whenever I’m in the mood for some anal fullness. I might upgrade to a larger size (S3/S4) when I work my way up to those.


Most comfortable butt toy I own, period. I love touching it (did I mention it’s soft?), love squeezing it, love inserting it, and love feeling it inside of me. I don’t think it gets better than that? (Or at least, I haven’t found anything better).

What I like

  • Supremely soft, high-quality silicone
  • Lots of sizes
  • Great stretchy feeling and great prep for pegging

What I don’t like

  • A bit pricey but you get quality!

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