Review: Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager

Review: Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager
A beautiful, sleek, and luxurious toy with intense vibrations. YMMV on the size and fit – it won’t stay in place for me which distracts from the experience a bit.


  • Insertable length: 3.4”
  • Maximum diameter: 1.28"
  • Material: Body-safe silicone / ABS plastic

My Experience

First Impressions

The Lelo Bruno looks and feels super luxurious. The material is silky smooth yet firm and body-safe. The entire toy feels heavy and sturdy - ready to be used for some long, fun sessions. Charging is super easy using a standard USB wall charger and it's ready to use in minutes.

The Lelo Bruno has a simple one-button control. Pressing the button once activates continuous heavy and rumbly vibrations. It almost fell out of my hand the first time as I was so surprised. Pressing the button briefly will cycle through different vibration patterns some of which are smooth and some of which are more jackhammer-y. You can turn the toy off again by holding the button for about 2 seconds. Super easy.

After pre-stretching with the trusted Squarepegtoys Blunt Plug, I lubed up the Lelo Bruno and inserted it. Due to its firmness and slanted shape, it was a bit harder get it into place than some of my other toys. Nevertheless, I managed to get it into place and my butt gladly sucked it in. The internal piece was noticeably resting against my prostate and the outside arm was snug against my perineum. So far, so good. I made myself cozy and turned it on.

The deep, rumbly vibrations immediately felt great in my rectum and against my perineum. I tried all the different settings but the first (continuous with the highest vibration setting) remains my favorite.

Now, I've used this toy several times, for at least 15-20 minutes each time, yet haven't been able to achieve a prostate orgasm all by itself. I've gotten very (frustratingly) close, though. I achieved my best orgasm when I gently massaged the underside of my glans and stopped as soon as I felt the point of no return approaching. I experience a long, delightful anticipatory break between the begin of my orgasm and the start of the contractions - certainly made more intense by the deep vibrations. I felt quite (pleasantly) exhausted afterwards.

Throughout my testing of this toy, it never stayed in super snugly. Not sure if it's the design or if my anus isn't quite what Lelo had in mind when they designed it. Whenever I started getting excited and squeezed my buttocks, the Bruno would frequently start slipping out and I'd have to push it back in. I tried holding it in place with my hand which was quite uncomfortable with the vibrations.

Note that the Lelo Bruno is also fully waterproof so it can be used in the shower (not recommended since it'll slip out) or in the bathtub. Let me tell you that even the nicest bath will be a tad nicer with the Bruno buzzing away.

Longevity and Repeat Use

The Lelo Bruno is easy to clean. Mild soap and water does the trick since it's waterproof. As mentioned above, the toy feels solid and unlikely to break even after frequent usage. I can't comment on the longevity of the battery but so far it hasn't run out on me yet.

This is going to remain an occasional toy in my collection but I'll admit that I won't be pulling it out all the time when I'm in the mood for some butt fun. The fact that it doesn't seem to fully stay in place in my body and that it gets me frustratingly close to orgasm but not quite over the edge is enough to only bring this out for some occasions.


The Lelo Bruno is a beautiful, sleek, and luxurious toy with intense vibrations. It's easy to keep clean and keep charged. That said, the actual experience using it can be a bit frustrating and disappointing - it's hard to relax when a toy keeps popping out when things get fun. I didn't manage to achieve the elusive hands-free orgasm.

What I like

  • Beautiful and sleek appearance
  • Very powerful vibrations
  • Fully waterproof for bathtub fun

What I don't like

  • Doesn't quite stay in all the time
  • Fairly expensive
  • Haven't been able to achieve a hands-off prostate orgasm

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