Review: Tantus C-Rings

Review: Tantus C-Rings
Great beginner cock rings made out of high-quality silicone. Makes erections look better, feel harder, and orgasms stronger – what’s not to like?


I’ve been eying cock rings for a long time but had never actually gone out to get one. Not knowing where to start, I bought the 2” cock ring and the 1.875” cock ring from Tantus, recommended for beginners and intermediates, respectively.

Both rings are made out of Tantus’ signature premium silicone. The quality is superb, just like everything else I’ve bought from Tantus. They come in 2 colors – red and black.

They’re made to go around the base of the penis and testicles and promise fuller erections and more intense and longer orgasms. Having never experienced a cock ring before, I was quite excited to give this a whirl.

My Experience

Starting with the 2” beginner ring, I lubed up the inside with water-based lubricant and pulled my testicles through, one at a time. At that point, my penis had gotten quite hard already from anticipation, so I struggled a bit to fit through it. With a bit of patience (and gentle pressure to push out blood), I managed to get it in place after all.

Pro-tip: trim or shave your testicles – when silicone pulls hair it… hurts

I immediately noticed the gentle and pleasurable pressure around my penis. Within minutes I could see and feel my penis get harder and my erection had hardened a bit more than I was used to. Additionally, the ring added a nice visual appeal to my package as well – after all it’s basically “genital jewelry”. My wife liked the look of it as well, mentioning that my penis looked as though it “was on a pedestal”.

My orgasms were certainly stronger and lasted longer thanks to the cock ring, although not quite as extreme as the “6 seconds to up to 45 seconds” quoted on the product page. I didn’t time it – maybe in a follow-up post?

The 1.875” intermediate ring experience was similar, with everything a bit more intense. The pressure was stronger, the erection harder, and my orgasm a bit longer. After using the intermediate ring, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to using the beginner ring. Your mileage may vary though, based on the size of your penis and scrotum.

Longevity and Repeat Use

Both Tantus cock rings feel very well made and are super easy to clean with mild soap and water or the dishwasher. I have no concerns that these items will last a very long time and stay in like-new condition.

The only concern I have is around repeat use of both rings in my collection: I found the 1.875” intermediate cock ring no harder to put on than the 2” beginner ring. I don’t really see myself choosing the beginner ring over the intermediate ring in the future.


I love these cock rings! They certainly add new sensations to penetration, masturbation, or just hanging out. I’m not sure if I can recommend the 2” beginner ring – I assume that most men will want to graduate to the 1.875” intermediate ring fairly soon leaving the larger ring to collect dust.

Recommendation: go for the intermediate ring!

What I like

  • Harder, fuller erection with noticeably stronger and longer orgasm
  • Well-made and easy to care for
  • Great visual appeal appealing

What I don’t like

  • The 2″ beginner’s ring lost its appeal quickly when I managed to put on the intermediate ring. It felt more like a stepping stone and I’m not sure how useful this specific ring is if you’ve moved on to the intermediate or advanced.

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